Midnight Scribblings


Jarrin K. Cheng

Don’t I look ridiculous in that picture? Yeah… My friend made me hold her bouquet at our friend’s wedding. That’s really how all this got started--newbie calligrapher + wedding... I was looking for a hobby because school, which had consumed my life for 10 years was now over and there was now a new void in my life where craziness used to exist. I’ve always liked writing and casual lettering, so to fill the aforementioned void, I bought some calligraphy supplies and before long, I was completely consumed. I was making calligraphy for everyone in my life-- my mom, my dad, my brothers, and friends. Then,  one of those friends asked me to be the calligrapher for her wedding. I realized that within my love for writing was a passion for writing pieces that are part of that special day. The wedding panes pictured at left were at that first special day and they have become somewhat of a signature.

I am a brother, a partner (to the awesome guy who made this website!), a dad to two dog babies (Artie a labradoodle and Jade a goldendoodle. You can follow them on Instagram @artieandjade #shamelessplug), and a lover of lettering.

Lettering is my creative outlet. Don’t be afraid to contact me for anything. All questions are welcome! Ask me how to get started with calligraphy, about my prices, or about personal issues you’re having with your overbearing mother-in-law (however, I caution you in the last little bit). Please peruse at your leisure and enjoy!