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  • Mental Health

    Improving Student Mental Health Services Through Better Teachers

    Policy Brief

    Mental health discussions in the school system have been going on for a long time. Still, they have taken more precedence in recent years due to the increased number of students with mental disabilities and laws on the books, requiring services to be provided. According to the National Alliance on Mental Health, half of those people living with a mental illness experience onset by the age of fourteen. There are over fifty million children in the United States schools, and eleven percent of them have had or have a mental health issue. Schools are in a unique position as most of these young people are present in a system that can recognize and treat these mental health conditions.

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  • Music Education

    Understanding Music Education through the Lens of a Generalist: A Case Study of Teachers’ Beliefs


    by: Bradford Yamamoto, Jr. and Jose Anguiano

    Research suggests teachers with prior experience with music are more likely to do curriculum integration. This case study examined how teachers’ beliefs and personal musical experiences impacted how music was used in the context of an urban elementary school serving students of color. Thirty-seven teachers completed an anonymous ten-minute survey developed in collaboration with school administration. Findings demonstrated that teachers who experienced music as a child or spent time listening to music as an adult were more likely to have positive beliefs about music and integrate it into their curriculum. Also, two teachers individually participated in interviews. One supported a music program without reservations, and the other was more skeptical about musical benefits and felt other subjects should be prioritized.

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  • Professional Development

    Funding Professional Development for Teachers in Los Angeles

    Policy Memo

    Education plays a vital part in social mobility, and teachers play a significant role in educating students. High school graduates earn, on average, $250,000 more and supply more tax revenue over their lifetime. Teacher quality, at the school level, is the most prominent influence on student achievement. Furthermore, good teaching can close the achievement gap. These factors point to teachers being a vital part of student learning.

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